In selling my products, I am handing over to you the result of my life’s love and passion, which is the arrangement of dried flowers. Each product is handmade from naturally dried flowers and wheat which I sow, collect, dry and arrange. As in the case of such craft, each arrangement is unique which means that your bouquet is literally one of a kind.

My arrangements blend seamlessly with the interior decor in every style: classic, rustic or even modern. The bouquets which I create adorn wedding tables, church interiors as well as being held by the bride and her bridesmaids. Bouquets made from dried flowers and wheat serve as a wonderful gift for any occasion. Moreover, it is worth bearing in mind that the lifespan of such a bouquet lasts many years and not just a few days as in the case of live flowers.

I hope that the arrangement and colour of my flowers will be pleasing to your eyes and grace your home for many years to come…